Why Do An At-Home Photoshoot

When I suggest an at-home-shoot most people tell me their house isn’t pretty enough, or clean enough, or nice enough, or light enough. But, I say it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. It is beautiful because you live there. It is worth preserving through photography because it is the space that witnesses your love. And it is my job to find these little vignettes, the little story-spaces that testify to your life.

Like this Singer sewing machine table for example. Randi and Bryan bought this beauty at a flea market. Growing up she always had a singer sewing machine around (did I mention she won a “best construction” award in fashion school for her sewing skills?) and he had always had an empty singer sewing machine table in his childhood home. Perfect fit. Their two stories wound together and merged in this beautiful will-be heirloom piece. Better get a photo of it.

Because when you remember your early days of life with your significant other, you wont remember sitting on a picturesque park bench, you will remember snuggling on the couch. You will remember that old favorite blanket and the way he looked at you. You will remember that easy comfort of being with the one who really sees you in the place you both belong.




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