A Poem For the Man I Love

Remember acrostic poems? Well, in old fashioned Valentine’s Day spirit I wrote one for the man I love.


Dedicated family man. To be a good man in our society is a difficult thing. To be a man of character and substance, of conviction and standards, a man who carries his roles as husband and father with an open heart is a challenge met only by a man of courageous strength; a man like my Daniel.


Always happy. My joyous husband’s most underrated quality: consistent happiness. Every single day for the rest of my life I get to look forward to the positive lifestyle of a happy person. This is lifelong gold my friend.


Nighthawk & Dragon


Identity. Daniel’s sense of identity is what made me fall deeply in love with him. That part of love that travels deep into my earthen heart seeking my soul, and connecting there in knowing, that is the love of this covenant. The love that is fully persuaded because I believe he is the man he says he is. Beyond trust and truth-telling there is a foundation forged in God. Daniel’s name means “God is my judge”. When you know God, really know him, there is nothing more comforting then having Him as your judge. Living in redemptive love means that God knows every single thing about you and loves you in unwavering constant grace. Daniel knows this Truth about himself. He lives loved, knowing that God is his judge and so he is able to extend that same grace. From the ever expanding well of his identity in Christ, Daniel loves me and washes me over and over in great grace.


Example. An example to me on how to love peace more than being right. How to put down that anger and expose the vulnerable part.


Love. The very first time Daniel said he loved me was on Valentine’s Day. He proposed a month later. I could see him thinking it for months before. When he would hold me outside my Honda Civic before another week apart, his whole face and those color-shifting eye would scream “I love you! I love you!” But like the sure and steady man he is he waited until he knew for sure before he made the promise of “I love you”. A promise that he lives in every day. The officiant at our wedding talked about love and respect. And while I was too overcome with emotion to think of anything but that big bearded face my soul loves, Daniel must have been listening carefully because he is so, so good at loving me.


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