Maternity: Katie Huntoon

This is Katie. That bump she’s cradling, is Thomas. And that beautiful soul shining through, that is a mother’s-heart.

And this sweet child is Rose. Rose is a big sister now, but when these photos were taken, it was just her and Mama. That last week of pregnancy is filled with such emotion. Anticipation. Elation. Nervousness. Nostalgia. All of it is there, but you know what I remember feeling most? A sense of goodbye.

A great big goodbye squeeze to the way life had been; just mom, dad and baby. That little goodbye to this phase of life tugging at my heart. Like turning a page.

We took these photos at The Granite Bay Library where Katie and Rose often attend storytime.

And when Katie needs to remember these tender moments with her firstborn, she can pull out these photos and see herself and her baby girl just as they are.


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