Lifestyle: The Moores

Those first few days at home with a brand new infant are the most blissfully raw moments in motherhood. Mama is intoxicated with the sweet scent of her brand new baby; she is hazy with sleeplessness and dewy-eyed with heart-filling tears. Dad bustles around and big brother puts on his new role like soft footie pajamas. It’s a cozy, nourishing, life-giving time that passes by with the quickness of a dreamless night. Those first few days at home—before everyone has really figured this thing out—are my favorite to photograph. I hold those days in my heart and I want to be able to bring them to remembrance for the mothers I photograph. I want them to look back on these tranquil moments and see themselves as they were; positively radiant with new life.

This is sweet Molly, her mother Allison, her brother James and her father Levi in their own home making a family.



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