Learning to Be Creative With God


As I learn to be creative with God I find that like all things it is one part inspiration and two parts diligence.

I have these lovely transcendent moments where God is flowing through me like a river— endlessly moving while all the land must be still. I go, rushing forward in shimmering fluidity and the world like trees and rocks just slips past. Eternity is tangible and my breath ethereal.

And then there are other times where I hear every single tag, slap, click, tap on the keyboard measuring the moments like tick, tock.

I read a quote where a novelist said that her background in journalism helped her to not be so “precious” about inspiration. I think I will cultivate that. If I only write when I feel inspired, when all is silent and not a creature is stirring, I will hardly get any work done. When I was writing for the sake of the writing that was fine and dandy, but now that I have a purpose and a project to pursue I am practicing being less “precious” too.

So, in my pursuit I am learning how to just show up and do the work. To exercise some discipline in writing. That’s why I’m here writing this random blog post instead of working on the “vegan clam chowder” scene :/

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