Engagement: Haley & Charlie

Haley and Charlie met at summer camp. Perfect summer love story right? They continue to serve as camp counselors every year teaching courses, one of which is film photography. Have I told you yet that my eye has wondered away from digital and into the world of film? Well, it has. I have been ogling film photos and that je ne sais quois has me dreaming. So I’m saving up the dough around here. And I’m hiking way deep down into canyons to have gorgeous photoshoots with amazing people.

Both of Charlie’s parents were park rangers so the love of out-doorsing is pretty much innate. And having an outdoor engement shoot complete with hiking trails and a river gorge was an obvious choice.

This really was my kind of shoot you guys. We got to chat and walk along on the dusty trail. We got to play on boulders and step in freezing calm waters. It was fun and relaxing. And these two are just right.


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