Engagement: Dawn & David

You guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am for Dawn and Dave to be tying the knot. Dawn was my friend and role model when we were growing up. She is such a unique soul. Her sense of humor, her radiance, her joy, her ability to really connect with people– are all things I admire about her. I believe that God brings us together with exactly the right person so that two individuals become one flesh. It’s just so crazy romantic the way God designed marriage and I am amazed when I see it fulfilled. Like in Dawn and David. David is such a perfect match and mate for my dear Dawn. They are one of those puzzle-piece couples who just fit.

It was blazes out here in Rocklin California on the day we did Dawn and David’s engagement shoot. Even at 8:00pm it was still 100 degrees! But, Dawn and David were still so playful and silly and lovey-dovey as we ventured around the park. I am so excited to witness their nuptials in Tahoe this October.


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