30th Birthday Series: Thirty, Flirty & Thriving

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Do you remember the Jennifer Garner movie 13 Going on 30? If you haven’t seen it, I am pretty sure it’s on Netflix so go check it out. It’s about this 13 year old girl who gets magically transported into her own adulthood.

This was so me you guys. I used to stare at my skinny self in the mirror and imagine womanly curves. I would stick some socks in my top and some ruby-red lipstick on my mouth and pretend I was a woman. I spent countless hours as a child envisioning what my adult life would be like. And the main thing I would will my mind to capture from the future? What my husband would be like.

When I say I am a hopeless romantic, I mean I was BORN a hopeless romantic. As far back as I can remember I have been in love with love. I literally never wore a ring on my left finger, because I was saving that one for my husband. When I had no toys, I would pretend my right fingers were getting married to my left fingers. I would twist the stem on my apple round and round and round while reciting the alphabet; whichever letter I was on when the stem popped off is what my husbands name would start with.

Petal after falling petal, I imagined myself in the loving embrace of my husband.

It was kind of ridiculous. I’m not sure all what caused this childish obsession with romance, but boy I know it’s played into my life now as a wedding photographer. And as a wife.

And you know what, marriage is everything I dreamed it would be. I absolutely LOVE being married. I adore spending each and every single day with Daniel. I still envision my future, and I still see myself in the loving embrace of my husband.

I am still that dreaming romantic girl, and Daniel loves me for it.

Daniel and I met on my 22nd birthday, and married before my 23rd. And now 8 years later on my 30th birthday, he is still the best present I have ever received.

This wholeness I now know. Is in large part because of Daniel. God matched us up so perfectly. All my weaknesses paired with his strengths, and his weakness to my strength. Like short pegs and long pegs perfectly aligned. A real live soul mate.

And just like the movie, I am the grown-up version of my own girl-self believing that the thirties are the best years of my life.

With this guy


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