30th Birthday Series: So What Did I Do With My Freedom? 

When I told my brother how God had set me free, he asked “So what are you going to do now?” What a catalyst right? What a responsibility to ask of my freedom?

Well I will tell you, I started building. I started building a dream, a life, relationships, a family. I partnered up with God and asked him, “So what are we going to do?”

He lead me to start a blog and share the abundance of dancing words he put in my heart. He put a camera in my hands and opened up an aptitude for photography. And what did I do? I trusted Him and I believed that I could do it. Also, I gobbled up every single bit of education I could on the subject and set to work becoming an expert. I love the hard work of doing something purposeful and fulfilling—especially if that work is creative.

I learned that Courage is not the absence of fear, but is simply feeling the fear and going on ahead anyways. I learned to recognize fear as my signpost; clear direction that I was heading in the right direction. Pastor Harlan often says, “If you never meet the Devil head on, then you may not be heading in the right direction.”

I used my most intimate voice to speak a language of love to whoever may read here. That kind of vulnerability takes mucho courage. That kind of vulnerability is only possible because God set me free from the sliding weight of self-doubt.

I believe that this camera and these words are my good work here on earth. I know I am building some kind of wonderful tabernacle. I trust that even though God only shows me the blueprints for one floor at a time, that we are doing something worthwhile. Something only God can scale.

And all of this because he set me free. Oh, happy thirty.

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